:: Living simply ::

"Whether we are poets or parents or teachers or artists or gardeners, we must start where we are and use what we have. In the process of creation and relationship, what seems mundane and trivial may show itself to be a holy, precious, part of a pattern."

- Luci Shaw


The dictionary defines 'creativity' as the act of causing to exist; to bring into being, give rise to, bring about.

Creativity has its roots in curiosity. Without curiosity there wouldn't be the daydreams that call out to be fulfilled. We find ourselves lamenting the state of our lives, looking around us and trying to fathom what's 'wrong' with our lives; with our work; with our friends and family. Yet maybe there's nothing 'wrong' at all. Maybe what's missing is a creative outlook - a different perspective or new world view - on what's already there.

Creativity provides us with a way to lift ourselves above the daily grind of our habitual lives. It frees you to exist in the moment because when you are totally absorbed in the process, you are living in the moment.

Creativity is a gift. It is the ability to experience pleasure on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level. Best of all, you're simply doing what comes naturally. You don't have to 'know' some fantastic body of wisdom you don't yet have, any more than you have to get it all right every time. You simply have to be willing to make a few mistakes, bide your time, take the necessary risks, and hang in there for the long haul. And you need to take the long view in life, for your dream may not necessarily manifest in the first fifteen minutes you pursue it. Dreams to take time to develop, just like anything else good and true.

"You know ... they say an elephant never forgets.
What they don't tell you is, you never forget an elephant."
- Actor Bill Murray

Watercolour on Bockingford 300gsm - 8.5" x 12" - Maree©

With a height of just over 3 - 4m (measured at the shoulder), a length of between 6 to 7.5m (that's the length of an average motor car garage!) and weighing in at 6 tonnes, these mostly gentle giants of the African bush are highly intelligent with a strong sense of family and herd, and a complex social structure.

Here in Africa they are native to a wide variety of habitats including semi-desert scrub, open savannas and dense forest regions. Besides its greater size, it differs from the Asian elephant in having larger ears and tusks, a sloping forehead, and two “fingers” at the tip of its trunk, compared to only one in the Asian species. 

From my portfolio of "Animals - Wildlife"